4 Maintenance Tips for Your UTV

Trickle Charge Your Battery

If you are storing your UTV for 2+ months, you should disconnect the battery and put it on a trickle charge. Our maintenance-free AGM batteries charge 5x faster than the classic flooded batteries and do not spill, sulfate or degrade. However, all batteries lose charge over time even when they are not being used. Therefore, it is important, in order to prolong the life of your battery, to trickle charge it while it is in storage.

Use Fuel Stabilizer

You should always use fuel stabilizer when storing your UTV for 2 or more weeks. When fuel is exposed to oxygen, 3 common problems may occur including: evaporation, oxidation and loss of ignition vapors. When oxidation occurs, it causes the formation of “fuel gum” which will clog fuel filters and leave sticky residues that contribute to carbon buildup on cylinder walls, pistons and valve surfaces. Also, the loss of ignition vapors will cause your engine to be hard to start, especially in cold weather. Fuel stabilizers can help resist fuel evaporation, restore lost engine power, prevent or eliminate fuel oxidation, lubricate upper cylinder parts and control moisture in fuel.

Clean the Ball Joints

Since the American LandMaster UTV is made with open ball joints and tie rod ends, it is important to keep those clean and oiled. If mud gets on the ball joints, the dirt could get down into the rubber housing and the grittiness of the dirt would polish the ball joint causing it to become slick. It could also start to scrape away at the rubber housing until the ball joint becomes loose and has room to move in its housing. This would be detrimental to your UTV and your driving comfort since you would have to turn your wheel a considerable amount before being able to turn your tires. A picture of the ball joints on one of our UTV models has been attached below for reference.

Read Engine Manual

The main thing you should always do, no matter the season, is read the engine manual under your front seat. This manual includes all kinds of tips, including a service schedule, all of which should be followed to the letter to prolong the life and efficiency of your UTV.

Your manual contains the following:

  • pre-start checklist
  • starting
  • cold weather starting hints
  • stopping
  • angle of operation
  • engine speed
  • high altitude operation
  • carburetor icing
  • maintenance
  • maintenance schedule
  • oil recommendations
  • add fuel
  • fuel line
  • fuel valve
  • spark plugs
  • air cleaner
  • breather tube
  • air cooling
  • repairs/service parts
  • storage
  • troubleshooting (includes a table that explains different problems and their probable cause)
  • engine specifications

To access the Kohler Command Pro engine manual online, go to http://resources.kohler.com/power/kohler/enginesUS/pdf/17_590_23_EN.pdf

Ball Joints

For more information on our UTVs, go to https://www.americanlandmaster.com/

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  1. I’m trying to find diagram of parking brake cable I ordered one but do not know which end goes on pedal end or which end goes on parking brake handle end can you help me. Thank you

    1. Tim,
      I have forwarded your question to our customer service center. They should contact you shortly.
      Thank you for choosing American LandMaster.

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