16167 Tune Up Kit, 150cc without Oil Cooler

  • Part #: 16167


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16167 Tune-up Kit for Go-Karts and Light Utility Vehicles with 150cc Engines that do not have an oil filter
Keep your Vehicle in tip top shape by performing our recommended maintenance as outlined in your owners manual.

•  1 Air filter
•  1 qt. (32 oz.) of 10W40 motor oil. Note: Only 30 ounces is required for an oil change
•  1 Spark plug (Set gap to be .024 - .027)
•  1 13 oz. Chain Lube
•  1 qt. (32 oz.) of 80W-90 Gear oil.  Note:  Only .8 qt is needed.
•  1 Fuel filter
•  1 Fuel Treatment - Ethanol/Stabilizer

Oil should be changed after the first 5 hours of use and every 20 hours after.
Air filter should be inspected and cleaned monthly and/or replaced every 20 hours.  Should be replaced at a minimum of once a year.
Fuel filter should be inspected monthly and replaced annually.
Spark plug should be cleaned quarterly and replaced annually.
Chain should be lubricated every 90 days.
Gear oil should be changed annually.
Fuel treatment - ethanol/stabilizer should be used every time you add fuel.