Tune Up Kit for Subaru 653cc Engine

  • Part #: 16165


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Keep your UTV running as smooth as the day you brought it home! The American LandMaster Tune-up Kit for 650/700 series Utility Vehicles with a 653cc Subaru Engine contains everything you need to keep your UTV engine running year after year.

Keep your Utility Vehicle in tip top shape by performing our recommended maintenance as outlined in your owners manual starting on page 25.


  • 1 Subaru air filter element
  • 2 qt. (32 oz.) of 10W-40 motor oil. Note: 52 ounces is required for an oil change
  • 1 Oil filter
  • 2 Spark plugs
  • 1 Fuel Treatment - Ethanol/Stabilizer
  • 80W-90 gear oil. Note: 7 ounces needed for the 90 degree gear box.
  • 1 qt. (32 oz.) SAE30 for transaxle.  Note: 20 ounces needed for the transaxle.
  • 1 8oz. bottle of Hilliard front diff oil.  Note: 5 ounces is required

Maintenance Schedule:

  • Oil should be changed after the first 5 hours of use and every 100 hours thereafter.
  • Foam pre-cleaner should be cleaned weekly and replaced annually or every 200 hours.
  • Air cleaner element should be cleaned and/or replaced annually or every 200 hours.
  • Spark plug should be replaced annually or every 100 hours.
  • Gear oil for the transaxle should be changed every 200 hours.
  • Gear oil for the 90 degree gear box should be changed every 600 hours.
  • Front diff oil should be changed every 200 hours.
  • Fuel treatment - ethanol/stabilizer should be used every time you add fuel.

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