The Venture Light SystemThe Venture Light SystemThe Venture Light SystemThe Venture Light SystemThe Venture Light SystemThe Venture Light SystemThe Venture Light System

The Venture Light System

  • Part #: 17787


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The Venture Light System is a must have for any UTV owner that takes their ride on the street and needs additional lighting during the night. Ensure that you're UTV is visible to others and safe for you and your passengers. The Venture LS also duplicates as a work utility accessory by giving you rear cargo lights and interior dome lighting. Just because the sun goes down, doesn't mean you have to stop working. With two powerful rear cargo lights, you'll be able to work long into the night to get your job done. 

The Venture Light System comes with a 48in Light Bar with 6 multi-function switches that control: Front and Rear Turn Signals, Hazard Lights, Dual Rear Cargo Lights, Dome Light, LED Bar (accessory sold separately), and an AUX Switch to power any additional electronic device. The rear light bar also gives you daytime running lights and a brake light. In addition, each Venture LS comes with our standard horn kit which includes the horn, button, and mounting hardware. 




 6 total switches that control the following lights and features

   Left Turn Signal (front and rear)

  •    Right Turn Signal (front and rear)
  •    Dome Light Switch
  •    Rear Cargo Light Switch (controls two rear LED lights)
  •    LED Light Bar Switch (LED Light Bar Sold Separately)
  •    AUX switch (Plug and play any device without having to turn the vehicle on)

Two decals that house the switches above

  •   One for the turn signals
  •   One for the center switches controlling the dome, cargo, led light bar, and aux

48 inch light bar with left and right turn signal lights, rear cargo lights, hazard lights, running lights, and tail light.

1 Horn kit which includes the horn, horn button, and mounting hardware

2 front turn signals


FITS ALL LANDSTAR MODELS 2017 AND NEWER. For Crew units and unitis with the TAC system installed on the back, you must purchase a harness extension. (PN 17683)  Available here