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ALM 2020 Model Lineup

By Tiffany Tabor | November 5, 2019

American LandMaster 2020 Model Lineup At American LandMaster, we listen to our customers and are constantly improving in an effort to make their lives as easy as possible. Our new consolidated lineup consists of models that are an incredible value to both residential and commercial users. What’s new in 2020? Hood color options vary by … Read more

4 Maintenance Tips

By Tiffany Tabor | October 10, 2019

4 Maintenance Tips for Your UTV Trickle Charge Your Battery If you are storing your UTV for 2+ months, you should disconnect the battery and put it on a trickle charge. Our maintenance-free AGM batteries charge 5x faster than the classic flooded batteries and do not spill, sulfate or degrade. However, all batteries lose charge … Read more

13 Reasons Why You Should Choose American LandMaster

By Tiffany Tabor | September 30, 2019

Why You Should Pick ALM 1) American Made Not only do we handle all the innovation, engineering, welding, powder coating, and assembly in our US production facility, but 70% of the parts that go into our UTVs are also American made. No more searching for parts for your foreign vehicle and spending a fortune getting … Read more

Top Ten Accessories

By Tiffany Tabor | September 27, 2019

Ten Most Popular UTV Accessories These 10 utility vehicle accessories will make your life easier and more enjoyable. Winch Kit – The American LandMaster winch kit is a life-saver when it comes to sticky situations. It has a 2500 lb. capacity! You can use this tool to pull fallen trees out of the way on … Read more

Top Accessories For Fall

By David Piercy | September 23, 2019

Prepare for Fall with the right accessories Fall is only days away, and although the leaves changing their colors and falling from the trees makes for beautiful scenery, it is quite annoying when they get into your vehicle. This is why our UTV covers and/or enclosures are essential accessories for the fall season. The UTV … Read more

How to Store a Carbureted UTV for the Winter

By David Piercy | October 30, 2018

  Help Protect Your Engine on your UTV It’s always a sad day when  you have to store your UTV for the winter.  Unless you’re using it for snow plowing or other winter maintenance, most people find the need to store their UTV  for the winter months. Briggs and Stratton has provided a checklist for … Read more

Do you need to do a UTV tune up?

By David Piercy | December 19, 2017

Winter is tightening its frigid grasp across the country, bringing summer and fall activities to a halt. Your UTV has probably either been put away for a long winter’s nap, or is gearing up for a few months of pushing snow and drift busting. Either way, winter is a perfect time to do a tune-up … Read more

Summer Skiing with the LandStar

By David Piercy | July 24, 2017

Who thought you could ski in the summer? Recently we had the opportunity, but it was more about going up than down! We were at the Bear Creek Resort outside of Allentown, PA to introduce our LandStar UTVs to some dealers.  We had a great time meeting some new friends and hearing their stories.  We … Read more

Finished Chores & Smiling Grandkids

By David Piercy | June 17, 2017

We first met John when he filled out a warranty registration and completed our new customer feedback survey. These surveys keep us in touch with our customers’ stories, opinions and suggestions, which are an invaluable resource. Most importantly, our customers keep reminding us why we get up every day and bend, weld, punch and paint … Read more

Helping With Everyday Tasks

By David Piercy | May 23, 2017

Here at American LandMaster, we talk about our “Why” a lot.  Why we do what we do.  As a team we answer the why question by saying that we build UTVs to make life easier – to help at work, play and life.  We make UTVs so people can enjoy caring for their land – … Read more