Help Protect Your Engine on your UTV

It’s always a sad day when  you have to store your UTV for the winter.  Unless you’re using it for snow plowing or other winter maintenance, most people find the need to store their UTV  for the winter months. Briggs and Stratton has provided a checklist for storing your Carbureted UTV for the winter months.

  1. Use Fresh Gasoline
  2. Treat gasoline with quality fuel treatment
  3. Run the eingine for 10-15 minutes
  4. Shut off fuel to the engine
  5. Run the engine until completely out of fuel
  6. Start engine with choke open until it no longer starts
  7.  Perform routine maintenance
    • Change spark plugs
    • Change air filter
    • Change fuel filter
    • Change the oil and oil filter
  8. Disconnect the battery

Use a Cover to Protect Your UTV

In addition to servicing your engine, we recommend purchasing a deluxe cover to protect your UTV from dust, scratches, and other harmful environmental elements. You can purchase your cover here.



Winter is tightening its frigid grasp across the country, bringing summer and fall activities to a halt. Your UTV has probably either been put away for a long winter’s nap, or is gearing up for a few months of pushing snow and drift busting. Either way, winter is a perfect time to do a tune-up and perform basic maintenance on your UTV. But why is it so important, and how do you know if you need to do a UTV tune up?

Why do a UTV tune up?

Performing a UTV tune up is similar to basic maintenance on your car or truck. Maintaining fluids and filters help keep the mechanical components functioning properly. To realize the full potential and longevity of your UTV, maintain a regular and comprehensive tune up schedule.

The weather plays a significant role in determining when the best time is perform a service of your engine. As we go into the coolest part of the year, engines may not as easily reach normal operating temperature. Engines that fail to achieve this threshold may not be able to remove moisture and other impurities from the fluids.

How do I know if my UTV needs a tune up?

There are some indicators you can watch for with your machine to help you know if a tune up is needed. An engine that is difficult to start, is hard to keep running, or is noticeably lacking performance are all telltale signs that your engine is in need of so

me attention. If you notice backfires, misfires, hesitations, overheating, or abnormal fuel usage, make plans for a tune up as soon as is feasible.

What’s in a UTV tune up kit?

The specifics of a tune up kit will vary by model. We recommend you purchase a prepared tune up kit from a service center, dealer, or the brand itself. This ensures that you receive the right parts, and all the parts that you need to properly service the engine in your unit.

The most important part of the kit is new fluids. Refreshing fluids at least once per year keeps your fluids from becoming

contaminated with moisture or impurities to the point that they cause damage to the engine, or other vital components.

A new spark plug ensures any fouling or debris contaminating the plug is removed, and the plug is working properly.

Filters are also important. The oil filter removes many of the impurities we’ve talked about, but the air filter is also key to engine performance. An engine that breathes well, runs well. A filter caked with mud, dust, grass, or debris can reduce airflow and cause overheating. An overheated engine is inefficient, but worse, operating above normal temperature ranges can cause significant engine damage over time.

Where do I go to get a UTV tune up kit?

Click to view UTV tune up kits currently on sale, and take advantage of up to 50% off.

Who thought you could ski in the summer? Recently we had the opportunity, but it was more about going up than down!

We were at the Bear Creek Resort outside of Allentown, PA to introduce our LandStar UTVs to some dealers.  We had a great time meeting some new friends and hearing their stories.  We brought our LandStar LS450 UTV and our LandStar LS550 UTV to test drive.

After the dealers left, we had the chance to have some fun on our own!  And that’s exactly what we did.  We had a blast climbing up some seriously steep hills and exploring some off-the-beaten-path areas.

Getting around on the ski hills was quite a challenge.  But, these UTVs were up for the challenge.  Both handled the task without any problems.  Watch the video below to the end to see how high we were able to climb (and watch for the wild pheasant)!  We know most of you don’t live on ski hills like this, but it proves that whatever you do, American LandMaster UTVs are up to the challenge of making your life easier!

We first met John when he filled out a warranty registration and completed our new customer feedback survey. These surveys keep us in touch with our customers’ stories, opinions and suggestions, which are an invaluable resource. Most importantly, our customers keep reminding us why we get up every day and bend, weld, punch and paint frames, why we hit the phones every day, have meetings, and send endless emails. We are making lives easier and giving more time back for what’s really important – friends, family and faith.

John described himself as a 60+ year old contractor who is a little closer to the end than the beginning (seriously – his words, not ours!). He also told us he loves peddling around his 5 acre property, bird hunting, and loading his LS550S with the rear flip seat with his grandkids. According to John his UTV is perfect for “work, hunting and fun”.

At American LandMaster, we’re all about making your life easier.  So, John’s comments got our attention and made us ask a few more questions.

How does your UTV make your life easier?
It makes chores much easier for me around my mini-farm, and more importantly seeing the smiles on my grandchildren’s faces as we take it out trail riding. I also am planning to take it with us pheasant hunting this fall. My brother, who is 69, and our friend, who is also 69, have not missed an opening day for 46 straight years.   And being our age, my LandStar will help us make it 47 years this November.

How does your UTV help you enjoy your property, your family, your friends?
I am able to complete the work around my property much faster with my LandStar LS550.  This gives me more time for “fun” with my grandchildren. They talk Papaw into trail riding and exploring the countryside with this LandStar 4×4.  Seeing the smiles on their faces makes it well worth it for me! My plan to use it Pheasant Hunting will get us to the hot spots in the fields of Iowa.  This will allow us more time to actually hunt.  The 4×4 on the fly and the locking differential have been and will be a big plus too.

What other products have proved useful to you?
Prior to the purchase of my LandStar LS550, I owned golf carts and other UTVs.  However this new LandStar is hands down the most durable and versatile machine I’ve owned.  I use it for work, play and just “catting around”.  In my opinion, there is no comparison out there (we agree – but we’re probably biased).

Is there anything else you want to tell us about you and your UTV?
Although I have only owned my LS550 4×4 for 4 or 5 weeks, I love the quality, value and versatility of this machine. I especially love the fact it is built from ground-up by American Workers.  I find new ways to use it every day, and I am planning to buy accessories to make it even more useful.

Here at American LandMaster, we talk about our “Why” a lot.  Why we do what we do.  As a team we answer the why question by saying that we build UTVs to make life easier – to help at work, play and life.  We make UTVs so people can enjoy caring for their land – all for the glory of God.

We recently received a story that reminded us about the “Why” of what we do and had to share it.

John (not his real name), filled out a survey about his new American LandMaster vehicle after registering his warranty. And, after reading his comments, we knew we had to tell his story. His story inspired us, challenged us, and reminded us about the “Why?” that drives our business. We’ve changed his name and left out a few details because he asked to remain anonymous.

The story started off by John telling us about a debilitating health condition he has been living with since the early 80’s. This condition causes the degeneration of his spine, resulting in the loss of disks between his vertebrae. Presently, only one or two disks are left. This degeneration has led to Scoliosis leaving his spine “turned into a pretzel, so to speak.” If this wasn’t enough, John is also plagued by severe arthritis.

As a youth, John was employed as a material handler.  The trucks he unloaded carried wholesale groceries and other items carried by full service grocery stores.  Following that, John moved on to serve as an electrician. He worked in both the heat and the cold – indoors and out. John said he was fortunate to work for such a diverse company but with the diversity came the extremes in working conditions and weather. “Most all tradesmen suffer some form of physical ailments; I’ve just suffered to a different extreme.” John admitted that he wasn’t very lucky.

His physical problems led to a forced early retirement. Before he retired, all recreational activities had ceased. Golf, hunting, competitive firearms and racquetball all become memories. His life changed from being an active one to simply trying not to be a burden on anyone. John tried to do simple tasks on his own and to purchase what he needed to be self-sufficient. John knew that he needed help.

A UTV would let him continue to do many of the everyday tasks that had become impossible for him. After researching many different UTV manufacturers, he settled on American LandMaster because “yours were Made In The USA.” That was the key selling feature for him. He uses his American LandMaster cart to move rubbish and garbage cans that the city uses. “They are quite large and I could not move them walking.” John made a custom bracket that let the garbage cans attach to the UTV and his problem was solved. “Now, not only can I move my cans, but I can lend a hand to the other seniors in the neighborhood.”

We thought John’s story was inspiring and wanted to tell it to the entire American LandMaster family. It reminded us of “WHY?” we do what we do. Playing a small part in helping John complete his everyday tasks means the world to us.

We asked John what he might say to others struggling with disabilities. He answered: “When you think you can’t, just give it one more try. You will be surprised. Also remember, there is always someone who has it much worse than you, so be thankful for what you have and what you can do. With God’s help all is possible.” We think that’s good advice for all of us.

That’s our why – we want to do more than manufacture reliable UTVs.  We want to make a difference in people’s lives – make your life easier – all for the glory of God.