Winter is tightening its frigid grasp across the country, bringing summer and fall activities to a halt. Your UTV has probably either been put away for a long winter’s nap, or is gearing up for a few months of pushing snow and drift busting. Either way, winter is a perfect time to do a tune-up and perform basic maintenance on your UTV. But why is it so important, and how do you know if you need to do a UTV tune up?

Why do a UTV tune up?

Performing a UTV tune up is similar to basic maintenance on your car or truck. Maintaining fluids and filters help keep the mechanical components functioning properly. To realize the full potential and longevity of your UTV, maintain a regular and comprehensive tune up schedule.

The weather plays a significant role in determining when the best time is perform a service of your engine. As we go into the coolest part of the year, engines may not as easily reach normal operating temperature. Engines that fail to achieve this threshold may not be able to remove moisture and other impurities from the fluids.

How do I know if my UTV needs a tune up?

There are some indicators you can watch for with your machine to help you know if a tune up is needed. An engine that is difficult to start, is hard to keep running, or is noticeably lacking performance are all telltale signs that your engine is in need of so

me attention. If you notice backfires, misfires, hesitations, overheating, or abnormal fuel usage, make plans for a tune up as soon as is feasible.

What’s in a UTV tune up kit?

The specifics of a tune up kit will vary by model. We recommend you purchase a prepared tune up kit from a service center, dealer, or the brand itself. This ensures that you receive the right parts, and all the parts that you need to properly service the engine in your unit.

The most important part of the kit is new fluids. Refreshing fluids at least once per year keeps your fluids from becoming

contaminated with moisture or impurities to the point that they cause damage to the engine, or other vital components.

A new spark plug ensures any fouling or debris contaminating the plug is removed, and the plug is working properly.

Filters are also important. The oil filter removes many of the impurities we’ve talked about, but the air filter is also key to engine performance. An engine that breathes well, runs well. A filter caked with mud, dust, grass, or debris can reduce airflow and cause overheating. An overheated engine is inefficient, but worse, operating above normal temperature ranges can cause significant engine damage over time.

Where do I go to get a UTV tune up kit?

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4 thoughts on “Do you need to do a UTV tune up?”

  1. Please send me what you have on your ATVs, particularly the electric one. I am in a fight to get permits for my land. It looks good right now and I will need an ATV. It will likely be stored in a container. I don’t want fumes.

    1. Phil, if you contact our customer service department they should be able to help answer any questions and see what information you are looking for that isn’t addressed on the website. You can reach them at 800-643-7332. Thank you.

  2. Do the valves need adjustment on the Subaru 650 v-twin engine? The engine experiences exhaust “pops” at idle and the rear spark plug was carbon fouled. All fluids have been changed, plugs replaced and gapped at .030″, both air and oil filters replaced. Other than this anomaly the unit runs well and works like a horse. Thanks for a great product. Where is the nearest service center for my zip code, 49638?

    1. Thomas,
      We are very sorry for the late reply. I have attached the information for the closest dealer below.
      Thank you for choosing American LandMaster.

      Betsie Valley Sales & Service
      6934 River St.
      Benzonia, MI, 49616
      phone: 231-882-7273

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