Help Protect Your Engine on your UTV

It’s always a sad day when  you have to store your UTV for the winter.  Unless you’re using it for snow plowing or other winter maintenance, most people find the need to store their UTV  for the winter months. Briggs and Stratton has provided a checklist for storing your Carbureted UTV for the winter months.

  1. Use Fresh Gasoline
  2. Treat gasoline with quality fuel treatment
  3. Run the eingine for 10-15 minutes
  4. Shut off fuel to the engine
  5. Run the engine until completely out of fuel
  6. Start engine with choke open until it no longer starts
  7.  Perform routine maintenance
    • Change spark plugs
    • Change air filter
    • Change fuel filter
    • Change the oil and oil filter
  8. Disconnect the battery

Use a Cover to Protect Your UTV

In addition to servicing your engine, we recommend purchasing a deluxe cover to protect your UTV from dust, scratches, and other harmful environmental elements. You can purchase your cover here.



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