Like all of our UTVs, the full size line of UTVs from American LandMaster are designed and built in the USA to be rugged and versatile. LandStar UTVs are born ready for any project, from the backyard to the backcountry. From 2-wheel drive models available with locking differential, to ultra-capable 4-wheel drive vehicles, these UTVs are engineered to get there, and get done.

When projects around your house demand attention, trust the name that’s built, from the ground up, for hard work.

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8 thoughts on “LandStar Full-Size UTVs”

  1. When will the new ls202 be available? Will there be a Trail Wagon version sold at Tractor Supply?

    1. Chad – We have decided to stop production on the LS202. We will likely be introducing a new light utiliy vehicle, but it will be 2018 or 2019. Thanks!

  2. I’m concerned that the air cooled engine could over heat when doing slow speed jobs like using a sprayer… friends have recommended that I buy a liquid cooled UTV because of their past experineces… could over heating be a problem? How do you keep the air cooled engine cool when running at low speed for an extended period of time?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1. Don –
      Thanks for reaching out to us. Air and liquid cooled engines each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and any engine has the potential to overheat in certain conditions. Our engines, while air cooled, are commercial grade engines and are designed to work in severe environments for many hours of operation, under full load, in applications with minimal air flow. We have accounted for air circulation around the engine and are not aware of any overheat conditions from the field on any of our units. Under the conditions you are describing, it would be very unlikely the engine would be see any issues!

    1. Phillip, Tractor Supply does sell a version of our units under the TrailWagon name at some of their stores. We don’t do Christmas sales direct, as these units are sold through our dealer distribution network, so by visiting our dealer locator you can find the nearest dealer to you, and inquire with them about specials or sales. Thank you!

  3. I have the bd300, 2016 model. For the life of me , please direct me to find a new shift cable or a repair center. It only stays in reverse. I live in Greensboro, Georgia, 30642. My wife really misses her machine for her farm work.. thanks so much for you help.

  4. I have a Tractor Supply in my town, if they can not/ will not get the specific model I want, can I directly order from your company? I’m interested in the 677 EPS CAMO with steel bed and flip seat.

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