Recently, our friends at Kohler Power took one of our new LandStar UTVs for a test drive around there facility.  They put one of our new LandStar LS450s to the test.  And, it passed with flying colors, or at least muddy colors.  Either way, we think it’s a great video and wanted to share it.

To quote Kohler: “runs like a tank…”

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13 thoughts on “LandStar UTV Test Drive”

  1. Well it’s about time somebody made a halfway descent video on these things! I’ve been researching them for almost a year, I’ve seen one in person and drove one, wasn’t blown away but it was interesting. One thing I did notice is the CVT belt is not protected from water and did not see where the air intake is, so I would have liked to see what happened after it hit all that water!

  2. Bought one today, ls 670 4×4 camo , roof, windshield,winch,hour meter, I do not do Facebook but thought I’d let you know. Didn’t get to bring it home, would not fit in my truck, back wheel was on the tailgate! Didn’t feel comfortable driving with it that way. Going back with a trailer! Drove it around the parking lot, pretty slow machine, wasn’t looking for speed but a little surprised at how slow! Brakes are not very responsive, and gas pedal is to the floor or nothing , but it is brand new so hopefully it will loosen up!

  3. By the way, bought it from century equipment in twinnsburg Ohio, Paul was good to work with! Very helpful!

    1. Glad to hear abuot working with Paul. Excited to hear how it runs. You can email us a photo or two at marketing @ americanlandmaster [dot] com.

  4. CVT does not engage very well, you give it gas rpms go up then it kicks in , very jerky, can this be adjusted ? I would think so, can I do it or take it back to century equipment?

    1. Mark – Give our customer support team a call at (800) 643-7332. They’d be happy to walk you through the problems.

  5. Well , haven’t had a chance to call customer service yet, but I’m calling Paul in the morning, seems I start the machine and within 5 minutes the oil light comes on, this is very upsetting, the machine has one hour on it!!!!!!!!!! It started yesterday, and I thought maybe a fluke, so stared it today and same thing, turned it off, let it sit, started it again, same thing! Checked the oil, what a pain to get that plastic out, and back in, the dipstick​ seems like it has an akward twist? Is this normal? The oil seems to be a little to full? It becomes a real pain to have to drive 45 minutes to take it back and I hope I don’t have to leave it, , thus going back to get it! Not happy

  6. Wow! Paul at century equipment is coming to pick up my machine, absolutely great customer service! That is how you take care of business! TCB!

  7. Landstar was delivered home today! Bad oil senser ! That was it! Great customer service! Again hats off to Paul and the folks at century equipment!

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