Here at American LandMaster, we believe that our business should have three returns – financial, cultural, and eternal.  While all companies work for a financial return, we don’t believe that a financial return alone is enough.  Not only do we want to achieve a financial return for the company, we also strive to create long-term, positive impact on people and our community (cultural return) as well as living out our faith to bring people closer to God and build His kingdom (eternal return).

With this belief, we had the privelage to have a couple of great and fun days donating some of our new LandStar UTVs while also donating some used UTVs.  We saw it as a win-win-win!

The first drop off was with our local minor league baseball team – the Fort Wayne Tin Caps.  We’re thrilled to partner with the Tin Caps.  We dropped off two brand new LandStar LS450s that are used by both the Grounds Crew (who have been named best in the league for five years in a row) and the facility maintenance crew.  We’re thrilled that we get to play a small part in creating a family-friendly environment in our community.

But, the donations continued past just the Tin Caps.  The Tin Caps already had some of our older units.  So, we worked with the Tin Caps to pick two local non-profits that would benefit from these older units.  So, after dropping off the new UTVs, we picked up the older units.  Our own engineering staff gave the older unit a quick check-up.  After they were deemed safe and running well, we donated them to two great local organizations – the World Baseball Academy and Camp Lutherhaven.

UTV donation to World Baseball AcademyThe World Baseball Academy’s mission is to use the platform of baseball to exemplify excellence and leadership beyond the game.  Their vision  is to develop future leaders who positively impact the world.   With 3 full-sized baseball diamonds on over 26 acres, that’s reaches over 3,000 young people, there’s a lot of work to be done.

Camp Lutherhaven is a year-round outdoor ministry center dedicated to creating adventurous, faith-building experiences. Located just 26 miles northwest of Fort Wayne amidst the rolling hills of Northeast Indiana, they are a place of adventure, growth, fun, relationship and refuge.  Lutherhaven reaches 2,000 people each summer and over 3,400 more through youth retreats, outdoor education, rental groups, and retreats.  And, with over 75 acres of property, there’s always plenty for a UTV to do.  We couldn’t have been happier to help out with both these great causes!

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