Introducing yourself is never easy. Imagine yourself at a party and your introducing yourself to someone new. What do you say about yourself? After names, how do you describe yourself? Do you talk about your job and what you do? Or your family? Or your hobbies and likes? The same problem happens with companies. After we say that we are American LandMaster, how do we describe ourself? We make UTVs. We make Fun Karts. We can talk about our desire to make life easier and allow people to access and master their land. But, we thought it would be easier to just show it to everyone. So, we created this short video. We call it “Born Tough.”

At American LandMaster, tough isn’t just a virtue. It’s a way of life. It’s what gets you up with the sun, and keeps you going long after everyone else alls it quits. And, at American LandMaster, we design, build and test UTVs and power sport vehicles to be tough from day one. Whatever your tasks call for. Whatever your day demands – we’ll be right there with you. Day-in and day-out. Until the job’s done.

Watch the video and share your Born Tough story!

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