Making products that are safe for everyone is our top concern at American LandMaster.

Our vehicles are built for off-road use only (except our LM48V 48 volt model with the option of street legality). Check your state and local laws for legal operation. Read the owner’s manual, and watch the safety video before operating any American LandMaster vehicle.

For your safety, always wear an approved helmet, eye protection, protective clothing and seat belts (on Fun Karts). Avoid stationary objects and obstacles that create the potential for collision. Avoid excessive speeds, and be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Never carry passengers (except on 2-seat UTVs and Fun Karts). Never engage in stunt riding, jumping, or operate the vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Youth models should only be ridden during daylight hours under adult supervision.

About Fun Karts

Fun Karts are a subset of the larger “Go Kart” family, which includes on-road, competitive and commercial/rental vehicles.

Unlike Go Karts, ASW Fun Karts are motorized vehicles with 4 wheels, excluding vehicles where the operator and passenger, if any, sit astride, and are sold commercially as consumer goods and intended for private, personal, recreational use by consumers for off-road use on suitable terrain per ASW’s recommendations.

Fun Karts are limited to speeds at least 12 mph, but not in excess of 40 mph.

Superior Safety

At American LandMaster, we offer unmatched product safety by working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the American Fun Kart Association to develop and implement industry standards for Fun Karts.

Our commitment to cutting edge product development, design and testing has resulted in numerous safety innovations, many of which American Landmaster was first in the industry to implement:

  • 3-Point Restraint: A three point lap/shoulder seat belt restraint system.
  • Overhead Brush Bars
  • Shoulder Bolts: Shoulder bolts on throttle and brake pedals cannot be over-tightened.
  • Safety Guards: Axle covers and safety guards help prevent entanglement in moving parts.
  • Engine Shut-Off Switch: An engine shut off switch is located directly on the engine of the karts. A second stop switch is also located on the steering wheel or dash panel, accessible from the seated operator’s position.
  • Whip Flag: A brightly colored whip flag increases the kart’s visibility in hilly terrain.