Consumers, Media, and Dealers agree – the all-new 2017 LandStar line of UTVs from American LandMaster is a hit. Featuring true American-made quality combined with a “Born Tough”, get the job done attitude, all at an incredible value price point – the UTVs are game changers. Read below to see what consumers and media have been saying:

Just picked my UTV up Saturday from Larry at Country Carts. Great honest dealer you folks have here locally and one tough UTV. For the life of me I don’t understand why anyone would buy anything else! Can’t wait to put it to work as soon as spring finally gets here. Thanks for the great American made product you folks manufacture!
Jon C

The UTV has arrived and is being put to good use at the camp! They are ecstatic, and the smiles warm the chilly air. Even the horses seem happier. A round of high fives to Ty Bello & Misty Powell, from American LandMaster, in working out all the specifics with our Horse Program Director.
Oceanwood Camp & Conference Center

We love our UTV! We are out on the farm everyday with it. We are very impressed with its power and off-road ability. I haul feed, firewood and kids all the time and dragged my deer out of the woods this deer season. We give it a five star rating!
Kevin T

After looking at and demo riding all kinds of UTV models that are available out there today, dollar for dollar, this is by far the best UTV on the market today.
Linda R

Covered 75 feet of my drivway today..also used a small dump cart that was attached to the optional trailer hitch I have on the front so I can see the cart when moving. It also make moving my trailer around alot easier as I can see much betterChristopher M

I love my UTV and want to tell the world about it!
Charles G

An affordable machine that can do just as much as any other 2 wheel drive machine
Chuck M

Love my Landmaster. It keeps me in the woods even after multiple back surgeries. The suspension gets me places my other ATVs can’t. Thank you for being within my price range.
Michael M

These workhorses are worth consideration…their handling, maneuverability, and capability is execptional for the price.
Steve, writer for Outdoor Power Equipment magazine

Simply put, the new American LandMaster 2017 LandStar are solid – at an affordable price.
Caleb, writer for Grit and Hobby Farm magazine

Meet the official vehicles of getting things done – the all-new LandStar line of UTVs from American LandMaster. Hauling, towing, gardening, moving – the LandStar line of UTVs is perfectly suited to help you get your work done.
Alan, writer for Rural Lifestyle Dealer magazine

American Landmaster’s new line of LandStar UTVs is redesigned to suit professional landscape applications
Dillon, writer for Landscape Management magazine

Serious fun…makes sense…the American LandMaster UTVs are best in the industry. In addition to the confident ride, the lineup has an impressive list of factory accessories. These units bring confidence not only to the brand’s dealers in the U.S., but also to the consumer.
Dave M, editor in cheif for Powersports Business magazine

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