We first met John when he filled out a warranty registration and completed our new customer feedback survey. These surveys keep us in touch with our customers’ stories, opinions and suggestions, which are an invaluable resource. Most importantly, our customers keep reminding us why we get up every day and bend, weld, punch and paint frames, why we hit the phones every day, have meetings, and send endless emails. We are making lives easier and giving more time back for what’s really important – friends, family and faith.

John described himself as a 60+ year old contractor who is a little closer to the end than the beginning (seriously – his words, not ours!). He also told us he loves peddling around his 5 acre property, bird hunting, and loading his LS550S with the rear flip seat with his grandkids. According to John his UTV is perfect for “work, hunting and fun”.

At American LandMaster, we’re all about making your life easier.  So, John’s comments got our attention and made us ask a few more questions.

How does your UTV make your life easier?
It makes chores much easier for me around my mini-farm, and more importantly seeing the smiles on my grandchildren’s faces as we take it out trail riding. I also am planning to take it with us pheasant hunting this fall. My brother, who is 69, and our friend, who is also 69, have not missed an opening day for 46 straight years.   And being our age, my LandStar will help us make it 47 years this November.

How does your UTV help you enjoy your property, your family, your friends?
I am able to complete the work around my property much faster with my LandStar LS550.  This gives me more time for “fun” with my grandchildren. They talk Papaw into trail riding and exploring the countryside with this LandStar 4×4.  Seeing the smiles on their faces makes it well worth it for me! My plan to use it Pheasant Hunting will get us to the hot spots in the fields of Iowa.  This will allow us more time to actually hunt.  The 4×4 on the fly and the locking differential have been and will be a big plus too.

What other products have proved useful to you?
Prior to the purchase of my LandStar LS550, I owned golf carts and other UTVs.  However this new LandStar is hands down the most durable and versatile machine I’ve owned.  I use it for work, play and just “catting around”.  In my opinion, there is no comparison out there (we agree – but we’re probably biased).

Is there anything else you want to tell us about you and your UTV?
Although I have only owned my LS550 4×4 for 4 or 5 weeks, I love the quality, value and versatility of this machine. I especially love the fact it is built from ground-up by American Workers.  I find new ways to use it every day, and I am planning to buy accessories to make it even more useful.

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2 thoughts on “Finished Chores & Smiling Grandkids”

  1. I purchased one of the first LM200 models. In fact it was a demo model that I got from Small Engine Warehouse about 10 years ago. It has been a fantastic vehicle. It just runs and runs and occasionall it will need a new battery, but otherwise pretty nifty machine. The grandkids love it! The 2 year old says, “ride, ride, ride” and then we are off and running. It has helped haul so much dirt, brush, etc on our property that I do not know what we would have done without it. We ae finally upgrading to a new 455 EFI and I’m not sure if my wife will let me sell the old one as she has become so attached to it. The new one is quite a bot taller and she like the low slung old version with the little 150cc engine. Well, wish me luck with “my” new machine. By the way, can people come and tour the factory in Columbia City? Would make a nice day trip from central Ohio.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Michael. Love to hear how well the LM200 has served you, but also great to hear you upgrading to the 455EFI. I think you’ll be very happy with your choice. It is possible to get a quick trip around the factory if you find yourself in the area during the week.

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