Here at American LandMaster, we talk about our “Why” a lot.  Why we do what we do.  As a team we answer the why question by saying that we build UTVs to make life easier – to help at work, play and life.  We make UTVs so people can enjoy caring for their land – all for the glory of God.

We recently received a story that reminded us about the “Why” of what we do and had to share it.

John (not his real name), filled out a survey about his new American LandMaster vehicle after registering his warranty. And, after reading his comments, we knew we had to tell his story. His story inspired us, challenged us, and reminded us about the “Why?” that drives our business. We’ve changed his name and left out a few details because he asked to remain anonymous.

The story started off by John telling us about a debilitating health condition he has been living with since the early 80’s. This condition causes the degeneration of his spine, resulting in the loss of disks between his vertebrae. Presently, only one or two disks are left. This degeneration has led to Scoliosis leaving his spine “turned into a pretzel, so to speak.” If this wasn’t enough, John is also plagued by severe arthritis.

As a youth, John was employed as a material handler.  The trucks he unloaded carried wholesale groceries and other items carried by full service grocery stores.  Following that, John moved on to serve as an electrician. He worked in both the heat and the cold – indoors and out. John said he was fortunate to work for such a diverse company but with the diversity came the extremes in working conditions and weather. “Most all tradesmen suffer some form of physical ailments; I’ve just suffered to a different extreme.” John admitted that he wasn’t very lucky.

His physical problems led to a forced early retirement. Before he retired, all recreational activities had ceased. Golf, hunting, competitive firearms and racquetball all become memories. His life changed from being an active one to simply trying not to be a burden on anyone. John tried to do simple tasks on his own and to purchase what he needed to be self-sufficient. John knew that he needed help.

A UTV would let him continue to do many of the everyday tasks that had become impossible for him. After researching many different UTV manufacturers, he settled on American LandMaster because “yours were Made In The USA.” That was the key selling feature for him. He uses his American LandMaster cart to move rubbish and garbage cans that the city uses. “They are quite large and I could not move them walking.” John made a custom bracket that let the garbage cans attach to the UTV and his problem was solved. “Now, not only can I move my cans, but I can lend a hand to the other seniors in the neighborhood.”

We thought John’s story was inspiring and wanted to tell it to the entire American LandMaster family. It reminded us of “WHY?” we do what we do. Playing a small part in helping John complete his everyday tasks means the world to us.

We asked John what he might say to others struggling with disabilities. He answered: “When you think you can’t, just give it one more try. You will be surprised. Also remember, there is always someone who has it much worse than you, so be thankful for what you have and what you can do. With God’s help all is possible.” We think that’s good advice for all of us.

That’s our why – we want to do more than manufacture reliable UTVs.  We want to make a difference in people’s lives – make your life easier – all for the glory of God.

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2 thoughts on “Helping With Everyday Tasks”

  1. I have a chuck wagon with the gas tank on top of the engine , dangerous do you sell an upgrade with gas tank to side opposite battery

    1. All our new models have the gas tank on the side. There is not an upgrade that you can get to transform your current model. Your only option would be to upgrade to a newer model.

      Thank you

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