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Working More Efficient – The Werner Tree Farm

“We’ve been able to work more efficiently in the sugarbush since getting our American Landmaster UTV. It helps us get sap buckets to parts of the woods that the tractor won’t fit through, with considerably less damage to the forest floor. We’ve appreciated being able to load our tapping and maple pipeline tools into the back of the UTV and have them available without having to carry around a toolkit. It’s also been great for getting sap tanks out to our different sap collection sites. It’s easy to drive and operate – everyone on our crew is comfortable driving it.”


Handles the mountains on my 400 acres easily!

Dear Sir,

I very seldom write a review on anything but I feel compelled to tell you how pleased I am with my Landstar 677 with twin cylinder Kohler engine. My 694cc Landstar pulls the steep logging roads on my 400 acres of mountain land in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with ease. Very seldom do I have to use the 4WD or locking differential feature. The Landstar will actually accelerate going up these very steep hills where my previous UTV would barely hold its own going up hill…it actually slowed down. I purchased this unit from Truck N America in Virginia a year ago and have no problems. Thanks for a great machine!

Larry F.

Handling, maneuverability, and capability is exceptional for the price.

These workhorses are worth consideration…their handling, maneuverability, and capability is exceptional for the price.

OPE Outdoor Power Equipment Magazine

Great UTV for the money…

Great UTV for the money and it gets the big and small jobs done  and the best part it’s made in the USA yeah buddy

Christopher W.

Easy To Maintain

Good running machine. Easy to maintain.

Deb G.

use our Landmaster for everything from hauling dirt & animal feed to checking the fence line.

We purchased our land master a year ago and couldn’t be happier. We live on a farm and use our Landmaster for everything from hauling dirt & animal feed to checking the fence line. It’s made our daily chores so much easier. We’re very satisfied with our Landmaster!

Fresquez S.

I use it almost everyday…

I bought my 4WD LS550 about a year and a half ago. I use it almost everyday doing everything from running down the road to the mailbox ,to hauling firewood, to spraying liquid fertilizer on my pastures. I also patrol the trails on my property several days each week. There are some steep places on the trail and the LS550 has never made me wonder if we were going to make it to the top. It’s a champ!

MT. C.

These machines have always exceeded my expectations.

I purchased a Landstar LS670 in 2017, an upgrade from my original Brister’s Chuck Wagon purchased in 2007. Both machines are still in use. i care for 372 acres of family land and have used these machines for mowing fields, plowing snow, gathering firewood and just getting around this steep, rocky southern Oregon back-country. Like any tool, maintenance is required, but both of these machines have always exceeded my expectations.

Jack D.

Perfect vehicle for my small property

It’s a perfect vehicle for my small property. I use it to do all kind of things from dragging my property to taking the trash to the end of my road. It fits nicely in my garage.

Jennifer S.

Using it all the time to get chores done…

I love it! I thought I would use the landmaster mainly for just riding around the our property, but I have found that I am using it all the time to get chores done. We have used it almost everyday. With the wench on the front, I was able to pull our land tractor out when it was stuck in wet mud. I never imagined how much we would not only enjoy the landmaster, but rely on it for getting things done!

Sue A.


Dependable utv that does pretty much anything I ask of it..only thing I would recommend is that it would come with power steering

Great UTV for any Job…

Great UTV for any job! We use it to take out trash 1/2 a mile trip. We also clear trails maintain our property and the dogs love to go for a ride.

Use it as a workhorse around the house…

I’ve enjoyed mine, I use it as a work horse around the house, Tossed a winch on front for emergencies. Dump bed is very handy and the kids love to take a ride.

Great Vehicle For Working Around The House…

Great vehicle for working around the house and Hunting use it daily. This UTV has never let me down.

Jeff H.

Durable and Priced Right…

I work on these at the shop I work at and I am very pleased with the products they have to offer, especially the 2017 line up that just came out so many upgrades, the customers spoke and they listened, it is wonderful to have an American company built in America by americans, these products are durable and priced right if your a hunter or farmer or just a recreational person who likes to drive around on trails you can’t go wrong with these, me personally I love to hunt and can’t wait to pull one of these behind my truck to my favorite hunting spot, great job guys keep up the good work!!!

Robert W.

Takes a beating… And keeps on going.

I have had one of these on my farm for the last 5 years. I haul firewood stacked as high as I can get it, I have a 25 gal boomless sprayer tank in the front of the bed and a 15 gal spot sprayer in behind it. 40 gal when full. I cover 135 acres of CRP and 215 acres of pasture with this 3 times a year. The pasture is hilly and the fully loaded machine climbs the grade with ease while maintain a constant slow speed for spraying a 24 ft swath. It has taken a beating and shows it but it still keeps on keeping on. The only thing I have replaced is the drive belt. When it dies, will definitely get another one, maybe a little bigger. Exceeded my expectations by far.

Tim G.

Simple, Tough, and Gets the Job Done.

We love your products and own a UTV. It is simple, tough and get’s the job done. I don’t care for those 14000.00 rigs that it takes 12 hrs to change a filter own. I would buy one of your products over there’s any day. Keep up the Made in USA and we will do more business down the road.

Randall B.

Great Handy Tools

I would just like to say that your UTVs are great and handy tools. My neighbor has one that he bought 5 years back and it still performs like new with little to no problems. I borrow it from time to time to get chores done around my farm. For the price and the toughness of this vehicle you can’t beat it. Anyway I hope you continue to make this great product and keep the unbeatable price.

Adam V

Dollar for Dollar it is the best deal…

I just bought a UTV from my local dealer and am totally thrilled with it! Dollar for dollar it is the best deal on the planet!

Dennis E

It was the best thing we bought for this farm.

I bought a UTV a few years ago, for our small farm. I’ve wanted one for a while and boy I was not disappointed one bit!! It was the best thing we bought for this farm. We use it to go back and forth to the hay field which is a couple hundred yards away. So resourceful – thank you for such a great product!!!


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